• Ambulance 300300 is a 2012 Ford F-450 with a Marque box and also the primary ambulance. It’s equipped with Jaws and a LifePak 15 which is a defibrillator capable of doing EKG’s
  • Ambulance 301301 is 2008 Ford F-45o with a Braun box. It’s primarily used for stand-bys to allow Ambulance 300 to remain in service.
  • Engine 311Our initial attack engine on all calls
    2000 American LaFrance Custom Cab with seating for 6
    4 seats with S.C.B.A. 1,750 G.P.M. Pump & 1,000 gallon water tank
  • Engine 312Our back-up engine - Also goes to fill site to fill tankers
    1988 Ford Chassis with a Pierce body refurbished in 2007
    1250 G.P.M. Pump with 1000 Gallon water tank
    Seating for 2 with 2 S.C.B.A. on board
  • Tender 313Used to haul water to the fire scene, fighting grass fires & blocking vehicles at car accidents
    1996 Ford chassis with a Welsch body
    2000 Gallons of water with side & rear dumping
    250 G.P.M Pump
  • Tender 314Used to haul water to all fires. Is equipped with traffic signs to assist with traffic control at vehicle accidents
    1989 Ford chassis with a Braatz body
    2000 Gallons of water with side & rear dumps
  • Rescue 315Used to haul additional personnel to a scene and carries our extra equipment
    2007 Sterling chassis with a custom fire body
    Equipped with 6 S.C.B.A., P.T.O. Generator, 30’ Light Tower, a complete JAWS Unit preconnected in the front bumper, air lifting bags, stabalizers, & all items needed for rescue
  • Fire/Rescue 316Used for all off-road grass fires & rescues
    1999 Polaris 6X6 Ranger with winch
    Equipped with 75 Gallons of water with an 8 G.P.M. Pump
    Also equipped with a rescue basket to carry a patient to the ambulance
    Rear wheel tracks for winter use for off-road accidents
  • Fire/Rescue 317Used for all off-road fires & rescues, traffic control at accidents, & also hauls 306
    2004 Ford F 350 4X4 4 Door
    Equipped with 150 Gallons of water & a 120 G.P.M. pump & front winch